JULY 29th-30th 2017 Autistic Gaming Initiative Live Stream (Online)

Alyssa will be streaming...
[date not yet available.]
[time not yet available.] EST (CST)

Tune in to watch me play retro games for a good cause! The games will include Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64), The Sims 2 (PC), and a rare 90's Pac-Guy ripoff.

The Autistic Gaming Initiative is a group of autistic gamers dedicated to doing good and giving back to our community. We livestream approximately once a month for charities that are run for autistic people by autistic people and seek to enhance understanding and social acceptance.

Our two primary charities are the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and the Autism Women’s Network, two autism organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of people on the autism spectrum and providing them with resources, advocacy, and meetups. Check them both out!

NOV 2017 "Through Our Eyes" Film Screening at the Sugar Grove Library

The official date is yet to be decided. Check back later for details!
Address: 125 Municipal Dr, Sugar Grove, IL 60554
No information on admission, registration, or a Facebook event yet.

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